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Have you noticed that your heater has stopped working? You might be able to solve your home’s heating problem on your own before calling a service. It could be as simple as turning on a light switch.

If your heater won’t turn on, try the troubleshooting procedures below.

1. Check for an unresponsive thermostat.

If your thermostat doesn’t work, neither will your heater. If your thermostat’s display is blank or if it’s acting strangely, try changing the batteries. A blank, hardwired thermostat could also mean that the electrical circuit it’s on isn’t receiving power, so check your circuit breaker panel for a tripped breaker.


2. Make sure your thermostat’s settings are correct.

It’s usually a good idea to double-check your thermostat’s settings, especially if you have children.

When it comes to thermostat settings, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • If your thermostat is set to “on,” your system’s fan will keep circulating air throughout your home even if it isn’t heating it. This can help your home maintain a more consistent temperature, but it may feel like your vents are blowing chilly or room temperature air after a while.
  • Set the thermostat to “auto” if you only want your system to work while it’s heating air.


3. See if your system tripped a circuit breaker.

Even those that use oil or natural gas require power to ignite. The flame can’t fire if your furnace doesn’t have power (due to a tripped circuit breaker, for example). Check for a tripped switch in your home’s circuit breaker panel and reset it to “on.” If you have a heat pump, the outdoor unit may have tripped a circuit breaker, so look for it as well.

4. Replace the air filter, or try a filter with a lower efficiency rating.

Your heating system’s airflow will be obstructed by a dust-caked air filter. The device may eventually overheat and shut down as a result of this. Most air filters should be replaced every 90 days, however if you use your system on a regular basis, you may need to replace it sooner.

If you’ve just replaced your heating system’s air filter, the issue could be the filter’s efficiency rating. The higher the rating, the more filtration there is. While this may tempt you to buy the highest-rated filter available, your HVAC system may not be capable of handling such a restricted filtration. For most systems, we recommend a filter with a minimum MERV 8 rating, but before buying anything higher than a MERV 12, check the owner’s manual for your particular system.

5. Make sure your furnace’s door is closed securely.

If your furnace still won’t start after you’ve attempted all of the methods above, double-check the furnace door. To be sure, open and close the door several times until it is snugly in place. While it may seem paradoxical, many furnaces will not operate unless the unit’s door is firmly closed.

6. Make sure your furnace’s power switch is turned on.

There should be something that looks like a light switch next to your furnace. This is the power switch for your furnace. If your heater was just serviced, the technician may have forgotten to turn this switch back on, so double-check that it’s on.

Next to the condenser, heat pumps include an additional power switch (outdoor unit). Occasionally, a technician may forget to turn the power back on after servicing the unit, so if you own a heat pump, be sure to check this switch as well. It will be protected in a metallic box on the wall beside the outdoor unit.

7. Make sure your furnace is getting gas.

Natural gas is supplied to a gas-burning furnace via a gas pipe. A valve controls the flow of gas to the heating equipment on this line, which is usually right adjacent to the furnace. When the winter is done, some folks will close this valve as a safety measure. When experts perform furnace repair, it’s also routine practice to switch it off.

Check the position of the lever to see if the valve was switched back on. To allow gas to flow freely, the valve’s lever should be parallel to the gas line. The valve is off if the lever forms a “T” shape with the gas pipe. Simply turn the lever until the “open” position is reached.

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